My friend Erik Gordon started Carabiner Coffee with the dream of traveling, meeting new people and making great coffee—all in amazing places, doing the things he loved to do. Thus, a fire sparked a dream. Now, hailing from Seattle, Erik parks his 1971 Volkswagen dream mobile and sells coffee in various locations. His business mantra is “Find Your Line”. He’s as passionate about his coffee as he is his lifestyle, and the cool thing is that one supports the other. “Find Your Line” is a reminder to stay inspired to follow your own line and to inspire others to find and follow theirs, too.

brett h pics


So, coffee fiends!: Carabiner offers three roasts: The Dream, The Skooch, and The Business. I had the great pleasure of trying the Skooch and it blew me away. It’s a medium roast, which is hands down my favorite, with some slight nutty tones to it.

I often think about how the majority of people feel like they’re given an ultimatum: Labor or love, or a labor of love. Unfortunately, one of them doesn’t always pay the rent as quickly as the other. But eviction notices aside, what Erik at Carabiner Coffee is putting out into the world is more than just coffee. Carabiner is a full-on passion project—it’s the passion to do more than going to work to collect a paycheck. It’s the passion to seek out new people and experiences and to find connections in unsuspecting places. It’s the passion to go beyond the status quo, beyond what you think you are capable of, finding failure (sometimes) and finding the lessons hidden within. And it’s about encouraging people to do the same.


Visit The Clymb to read Erik’s interview and learn more about what’s at the heart and core of Carabiner Coffee!

And check out Carabiner Coffee to find out what Erik’s up to, where his van is being parked/where you can buy awesome coffee, and what’s in store for his 2015 as the adventure continues!

Photographs courtesy of Austin Fasino and Brett Holman.

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