There is a growing list of things I have become increasingly sick of after several months of car-living, bars being the number one. Every time I pack food for a crag day, I throw in a few extra stale bars from the bottom of my bin, forcing myself to finish the stack. They mostly wind up going to the dog.

Brown dogs are actually fueled by doughnuts

I munched my way through ten flavors from GoMacro during a trip overseas to Africa. I was sure we were going to eat well on the trip, but for days spent filming all over the island, I thought it wise to throw a few to-go bars in my pack.

Even though I’ve basically sworn off bars for the rest of my life, these macrobiotic bars have restored my faith. GoMacro has a subtle flavor but a delicious taste to them—and they’re soft to chew, which I love! A bar that isn’t like eating a brick?!

The prominent flavor is a nutty butter taste. The texture of the bars is really nice too. The best part is that they don’t have the sugary, sweet preservative taste that so many others come with and nothing was overly sweet.

Snacking at elevation

Oh, and what’s a macrobiotic diet, you ask?

It’s a diet that involves consuming grains as a staple food, and also revolves around eating more greens and less refined and processed foods. Research has linked modern diet to many degenerative diseases and it’s no secret that the healthier we eat, the better we feel!

Being an active on-the-constant-go kinda lady, I constantly struggle with eating properly a lot. I mostly just default to eating cookies and hummus. The big selling point for me was the high protein and calorie content.

For high protein, try “Protein Purity” (sunflower butter and chocolate), “Prolonged Power” (banana and almond butter), and “Protein Paradise” (cashew caramel). I didn’t love the Protein Pleasure (peanut butter and chocolate chip) and thought the taste was a little bit bland, but I’ve also consumed so many peanut butter products these past nine months that my taste buds might be bored. They have eleven different flavors to test, so you’re bound to find the right flavor combo for you.

Photograph courtesy of GoMacro

Long gone are the days where I have to consume bars that sink to the bottom of my stomach like a rock. This company believes in making bars that are USDA organic, gluten free, and vegan—but are BIG on taste. GoMacro is good, healthy stuff that contains whole foods. It’s as simple as that. Who doesn’t love simple?

Disclaimer: GoMacro has provided product in exchange for a review, but as always, all opinions are honest and my own.

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