When I was first introduced to Hyperlite Mountain Gear, the exact words uttered to me were: “You will never need to buy another pack again.”

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 ice pack is a great alpine pack for mountaineers and is best used as a winter alpine snow and ice pack. What makes it very special is that the fabric is non-woven Dyneema, a high strength synthetic hybrid fabric. It’s seam sealed, which makes it completely waterproof. The seam sealing is amazing, as I discovered during an hour-long downpour in Wyoming, and while the roll-top closure took me some getting used to, it’s quick and simple and keeps the weather out.

However, the material won’t take the beatings I bequeath upon my regular one on an alpine rock day. The fabric tends to be more vulnerable compared to heavier fabrics; it just doesn’t have the same abrasion resistance.

Photograph by Ryan Nelling

The pack itself can be hard to hunt down. I haven’t seen Hyperlite Mountain Gear in many major retailers, but don’t let it discourage you. It’s available through their website and other online retailers. It retails for $320 on their website.

The ice pack is extremely lightweight and comfortable. It has an external ice tool and crampon attachment system, which has proven to be super secure. The pack is comfortable, the design is simple and wonderful, and I’m looking forward to bringing it on many alpine adventures in the future.

Disclosure: Hyperlite Mountain Gear did not provide the gear for this review, however, I have been compensated for advertising. As always, my opinions are my own.

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