We’ve been asked what the “Stay Local Tour” is several times over the past few weeks while in preparation for the first leg of our trip. For the most part, my response has been the same: We are highlighting the climbers who keep it local at some of the crags that we know and love.

One hundred and eight pancakes later, our first weekend breakfast is complete and if you asked me what our Tour is about now, my answer has changed slightly.

The Red Rock campground was packed, but we managed to snag a site without too much of a problem. We hunkered down in the wind the night before and woke up with the sun to set up shop and serve coffee and pancakes to hungry climbers from all over—California, Colorado, even the UK. People of all races, creeds, and status in life pour into places like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area; the diversity is always so beautiful.

Despite the fact that many of the climbers we met were from out of state, I think that that’s what made it significant. Our strength is not necessarily about diversity. It comes from the ability to bring together so many people of different backgrounds around one common thing: a love of climbing, nature, and the human spirit that celebrates both of those things.

The Stay Local Tour is not only about highlighting our local crags and community—it’s all of it. We are celebrating every single person, everyone—from the gym climbers to the crack enthusiasts to the pebble wrestlers.

What all of these different types of climbers have in common is one thread that keeps us all connected. Whether you are at your home crag or on the “endless road trip”, we all share the same loves and responsibilities: moving up rock faces, taking care of our crags, and taking care of each other. We are all so blessed with the opportunity to do all of these things.

When I’m in a quiet place, I can take a moment to look around me and quickly become aware of the sorrows that plague this planet. There are people waging wars, wrongs that have not yet been righted, and a cry for change through compassion. Somehow, through climbing a rock, so many of us have found a way to connect a sense of caring and a mutual feeling of joint responsibility to take care of our outdoor world and each other. On a much larger scale, this seems insignificant. But change often starts small and it’s worth celebrating. Join our Stay Local Tour and celebrate with us!

Find out more about the Stay Local Tour, location, prizes, and updates here!

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