Dirtbag Climbers is a grassroots company operated by Erick Barros and Nick Lanphier. They are based out of Atlanta, GA and make some pretty darn awesome chalk bags and pots. Emails are always promptly answered and they make sure that your custom order arrives in your hands in a timely fashion. Turn around time is usually about two weeks or less for completion.

Photograph by Enrico Domingo

The bags don’t leak, so no need to wrap them up in extra ziplock baggies! The buckets come with a roll top and buckle closure to ensure this. Both pots and chalk bags are made with Cordura fabric, a hybrid fabric that most backpacks or messenger bags are made of. It’s a nylon blend that’s well known for its overall toughness. The yarn has a higher abrasion resistance than other fabrics, and also a more natural canvas feel to it.

The smaller pots come with a cinch top closure system that’s made out of recycled kiteboarding kite fabric. Kite material is easily cleaned with water and super durable!

The bag does not come with a buckle belt, which is fine because I prefer using a piece of rated cord anyway. You can always use a sling or pick up a piece of cord at a local gear shop or REI. They’ll cut it to length.

Photograph courtesy of DBC

Bags and pots are customized however you like it! You can even choose custom cozy fleece liner for the inside. “Simple design” is their motto, but ask them to get a little creative and they will. They spend countless hours designing, sewing, and creating these handmade goods. Visit their website and check them out, and if you’re climbing in the southeast, don’t hesitate to shoot them a message—either for beta or a beer or both!

The Dirtbag Climbers company encompasses the whole “southern hospitality” thing and if you’re lucky, they’ll even take you bouldering and give you a real “southern spot”.

Disclosure: I am currently an athlete with Dirtbag Climbers and the gear has been provided for this review. I love the guys at DBC but my opinions are honest and my own.

Cover photograph courtesy of Dirtbag Climbers.

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