I can’t say thank you enough to Sean Feiertag and Justin Cerone for the amazing work they put into filming and editing this. I had no idea what would become of the footage we shot in the desert last fall, and in a million years, could not have anticipated such a beautiful film that conveyed a message I have been trying to put out into the world these past few years.

I’m not advising people to ditch work and life responsibilities to go climbing forever. I’ve lived in my vehicle on and off for the past two years, but as of September, will have a new Colorado home base. I’ll pay rent, I have a dog to feed, and I have people who are counting on me. None of those things are going to keep me from doing what I love; if anything, I am motivated to tackle each and every absurd moment of my life with more love than before.

I don’t climb for a living, but I certainly live to climb. When I started writing this blog two years ago, I was sitting in my New York apartment, trying to come up with a clever name. It suddenly hit me: “For the love of climbing”. “For the love of”, meaning for pleasure and not for profit. It seemed fitting. But it was never just about the climbing—it was always about the lifestyle that came with it and the challenges I’d learn to overcome. It was about finding out what the difference between impossible and possible was, and where I lay on that spectrum.

Thank you, Jonathan Sedor for the logo, Brian Gallio and The Afternoon Edition for the beautiful soundtrack, and Sean Patrick and Jeff Lundeen for hanging out in the desert one day last fall. I think that this video speaks for itself. It’s a little reminder that the world is your playground, and to do what you love with love. Please enjoy.

2 thoughts

  1. Beautiuflly wrote. Im currently living on the road. And one of the things that really resonate with me is ” I am motivated to tackle each and every absurd moment of my life with more love than before.”..
    A bit of me is scared whne i get back to society. But i know whatever i get into next i will be so fueled and fired with passion and love, its gonna work out fine. And as long as m putting that love into it , its going to be amazing. Thanks for inspiring

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