I am a devoted lifetime coffee subscriber. I think I once found a way to consume it while I was still in the womb. I’ve French pressed, Aero pressed, pour over-ed, and so on. I’ll make it at 10 p.m. before I’m going to bed and make it again eight hours later. I drink it black and often brew with a simple paper filter.

Over time, I became tired of the same pre-ground Starbucks and Peet’s beans when I went camping and needed to try something new. At the store, I scooped up a bunch of bags on sale, hoping that it would be enough to last a few weeks of desert season. I was pleasantly surprised.

Kicking Horse Coffee is both fair trade and certified organic at a surprisingly low price per pound. The company hails out of Invermere, BC and began as a home-based business (we love home-based businesses!) Their cans are recyclable—unfortunately, their bags are not. They are currently on the search for something that is compostable and/or recyclable that would also protect those precious beans. The quality and freshness of their coffee are their number one priority.

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Good morning in the Black Canyon. Photograph by Parker Kempf

Roasted well above sea level in the Rocky Mountains, these Arabica beans are made with altitude (and not attitude!)

The 454 Horse Power is a heavy-bodied Indonesian coffee. I’ve been a Sumatra girl my whole coffee career and always a big lover of earthy tastes. It’s a dark roast without any of that burnt bitterness and overall, a pretty solid dark blend coffee.

Kick Ass roast is another dark, bold roast. It’s not smoky like the 454 and although it’s a darker blend, the beans kept their personality along with a slight caramel-y tone.

Three Sisters was my favorite. It’s actually a blend of light, medium and dark roasts (Indonesian, South and Central American beans). The blend is flavorful and smooth and especially full of body. The combo of different roasts gives the blend a well-rounded, unique taste—but MOST importantly, it paired rather well with chocolate chocolate chip muffins. You’re welcome.

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Photograph of muffins: MISSING. BECAUSE WE ATE THEM.

Disclaimer: Kicking Horse Coffee has provided product in exchange for a review, but as always, all opinions are honest and my own. I was mildly caffeinated during the writing of this review.

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  1. You’re so cool! I love your humor honestly you’re fantastic! Keep going girl!! (I do join you in the caffeinated-since-the-womb boat).I don’t think they’d have the KH coffee where I live right now but thanks for that cool post anyway.:)

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