I use Dr. Bronner’s both at home and on the road when I’m camping and climbing. It’s been a dish soap, shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream and one time, my laundry detergent. Heck, I just washed my dog with it last night.

Dr. Bronner’s loves the earth! Which is cool, because I also love the earth and I’m stoked to use products that align their beliefs with my own. The liquid soap is organic and made with Fair Trade oils. Because it’s made up of all-natural ingredients, it’s super gentle on the environment (which is probably my number one favorite thing about it). No foaming agents, no detergents, no animal testing, and one hundred percent biodegradable. AMEN.

db 8oz

It’s a combination of olive, jojoba, hemp, and extra virgin coconut oils without the aggressive, nasty chemical additives. Mixed with water, a rich lather is produced that cleanses effectively. Perfect for backpacking kits and home use! Love the versatility.

The only things I wouldn’t recommend the liquid soap for are as a toothpaste. It will certainly do the job of cleansing your teeth properly, but I’m pretty sure that the taste never really goes away. I also would not use Dr. Bronner’s as a shampoo for my hair. It tends to leave my hair flat. However, I will gladly recommend Dr. Bronner’s to anybody due to its great value (and also because I’m obsessed with their lavender and citrus scents).
dr-bronners-magic-soap-review-1 (1)

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for this review. All of my opinions are always honest and my own.

All photographs courtesy of Dr. Bronner’s.

2 thoughts

  1. Pro tip: I buy the gallon jugs of unscented and Sal’s suds. I have old travel-sized bottles that I refill and add essential oils to for different purposes (ex. lavender for smellin fresh and eucalyptus or tea tree for more of an antiseptic wash).
    Sal’s suds are incredible but not for personal hygiene as it is much stronger. I dilute it for dish and laundry soap. The gallon jugs can easily last me a year and end up being very cost effective.
    Also, I HIGHLY recommend watching the documentary on him on Netflix (I think it’s still there). His outlook on life is incredibly inspiring, which you get a gist of by reading the labels. Did you know he was blind for the later part of his life? ALL ONE SPACESHIP EARTH!

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