Any outdoors person knows that good food is necessary to fuel a successful day outing. Trailfoody was an idea born of fellow outdoors people who understand that active, on-the-go people need quality foods to perform and feel good.

I brought my Trailfoody box of goodies with me for a weekend ice climbing in the Adirondacks a few weeks ago. Since I was flying into New York, I had to pack light and their sample box fit perfectly in my pack. I was able to keep all of its contents in the bright orange reusable sack it originally came in, which is made of durable fabric and comes with a drawstring closure. It was lightweight, easily packable, and its contents able to be consumed without breaking out the stove to cook—leaving more time for doing the things that I love.

Trailfoody thoughtfully puts together a package of high-quality food that provides you with the right balance of nutrients. Throughout the day, I was able to munch on shelf-stable snacks that did not require any refrigeration. Snacking every few hours kept my energy level up, which is necessary to keep the stoke level high when half of the time, you’re climbing and the other half, shivering at a belay underneath several puffy jackets.


My Trailfoody box came with the following:

→  Lawless Japanese Curry beef jerky—This stuff didn’t even make it past day one, let alone hour one. I loved the sweet and salty combo and found the curry flavor to be just enough and not overpowering.

→  Eden Tamari Roasted Almonds—Rich tasting, roasted organic almonds with a light, tamari soy sauce. Almonds are low sodium, rich in magnesium and I’m all about that fiber and protein.

→  Laiki Black Rice Crackers—Nothing else to this one except rice, oil, and salt. These little rice nuggets are one hundred percent whole grain goodness, made from sustainably-sourced palm fruit oil and sea salt to bring out the subtle flavors of rice.

→  Crispy Green Dried Asian Pear—Freeze-dried pears with one ingredient: PEARS. They had a light, crispy texture and contained no additives or preservatives.

→  Phivebar Blueberry Bar—I’m always pleased when a bar doesn’t taste like a vitamin tablet or have the consistency of a cardboard box. This little energy bar is the perfect combination of fruits, nuts, and seeds with a delicious, juicy flavor and great texture to boot.

→  BGood Espresso Date Nut Bar—Artisanal energy bar? Yes, please! This bar contains goodies such as toasted almonds, cashews, organic coconut, organic almond butter, local honey, dates, local honey, and espresso. BGood Bars are made with natural ingredients and then dipped in Fair Trade dark chocolate (nobody would blame you for not sharing this one.)

→  Honey Stinger Pomegranate Passionfruit Organic Energy Gels— These energy gels are certified organic, gluten-free, and fortified with 100% RDA vitamin C. Basically, they are fruit snacks for grown-ups.

→  GoMacro Thrive Almond Apricot Bar—This is my favorite GoMacro bar! It’s loaded with yummy things like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and more and each bar is loaded with 180 calories.

→  Ultima Replenisher Cherry Pomegranate Drink Mix—I’m guilty of not hydrating enough, especially when I’m doing winter sports. The last thing I want to do when I’m cold is to drink more cold things. But the cherry pomegranate mix contains electrolytes and even though it’s super sweet, it’s free of synthetic flavors.


Ultimately, it was the perfect snack pack for a weekend away ice climbing. The Wanderer package provided me with nutrient-dense food with ingredients that are fairly sourced and organic and worked with me to maximize energy and performance.

The Trailfoody subscription service sends your package(s) each month. There are three different levels to sign up for, depending on how much food you’d like delivered each month. This service provides you convenience with nutrition–no artificial flavors or chemicals like you will find in most “convenient” snack foods. Trailfoody is the Blue Apron for outdoors people and will provide you with tasty, nutritious, real food.


You can sign up for your monthly subscription to Trailfoody and use code “FORTHELOVEOFCLIMBING” for half off the first month of the Wanderer.

Disclosure: Trailfoody has provided product and payment in exchange for a review. All of my opinions are honest and my own.

All photographs courtesy of Trailfoody.

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