Ever think about what creates the ambiance of a late-night campsite? A warm, crackling fire, some close friends gathered round roasting some sort of nommy treat (preferably chocolate), and maybe some guy dressed in flannel, crooning along with his acoustic guitar?

What about the perfect lighting? What do you use to create the ultimate mood while camping in the great outdoors?

Eric Larsen
Photograph by Eric Larsen. Courtesy of UCO Gear

UCO’s Rhody+ Hang-Out Lantern is the perfect companion for all of your camping trips. Lighting is adjustable with its infinity dial, which will go as bright as 130 lumens. It uses a super bright LED bulb to distribute light. It also features a moonlight setting that allows a more gentle, blue LED light to emit by turning the dial counterclockwise. This light offers a softer mode of illumination.


The Rhody+ runs on a rechargeable 4400 mAh lithium ion battery that lets you know when it’s time to recharge (five blue lights will blink consistently to let you know it’s low and will light up, one at a time, to indicate that it is in charging mode.) This gives you thirteen hours of light on its highest mode and one hundred and fifty hours on low. Additionally, it features a USB output and can also charge small electronics (such as phones or rechargeable headlamps). It will work best with smaller devices.

The design is so simple: it’s compact and can virtually be hung anywhere. The Rhody+ has a magnetic lanyard hanging system to allow for quick attachment and removal to anything from tent poles to low hanging tree branches. The quick detachment feature allows you to release the magnetic plate and carry with you anywhere. You can also store a spare phone charger underneath.

Satoshi Yamamoto
Photograph by Satoshi Yamamoto. Courtesy of UCO Gear

Not only good for camping, the Rhody+ Hang-Out Lantern is useful at home, as well. Its light is better than any IKEA lamp I have in my bedroom, and I’ll often work late into the night with its glow keeping me company.

This little guy takes up barely any room in a backpack, as its dimensions are 3.25″ x 3.75″ x 5”. With batteries, weight is 10.7oz or 304g. It may be small, but don’t be fooled. The things that seem the smallest are often the mightiest. Retailing at $49.99, it’s the versatile, eco-friendly piece of gear you’ve been missing on all of your overnight, outdoor trips.

The Rhody+ Hang-Out Lantern is a compact, magic lantern to light up all of your future camping adventures. And who couldn’t use a little magic in their lives?

Colin Murtagh-1
Photograph by Colin Murtagh. Courtesy of UCO Gear

You can purchase your own Rhody lantern on the UCO Gear website or visit my Instagram page here for a chance to win one! Must: 1. Like featured UCO Gear Rhody Lantern post 2. Follow @inheadlights and @ucogear 3. Tag two adventure friends. Contest ends at midnight on Thursday 6/1/2017. Winner will be selected at random on Friday 6/2/2017.

Disclosure: I am currently an ambassador for UCO Gear and the gear has been provided for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Unless stated otherwise, all photographs courtesy of UCO Gear.

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