Optimizing the weekend for a typical weekend warrior can be a little tricky. Imagine this: it’s Friday. You are moments away from that sweet, sweet reprieve: the weekend. You are about to enter a 48-hour time period where you are (hopefully) free to pack in as much adventure as humanly possible from the moment the clock strikes 5:00 p.m. until late Sunday evening.

But then you have to fight every other weekend warrior who is also getting out of work at the same time, and maybe you had enough foresight to pack your car with camping/climbing gear and a cooler full of beer before you left the house in the morning, but that still doesn’t mean you aren’t going to sit in at least two hours of traffic on your way out of dodge. And if you live in a major city where your car is likely parked way across town or you don’t even own one? Definitely tricky.

“Weekend warrior” might have had a negative connotation over the years, but I’ve always held those who get out on the weekends only in high regards. I find dealing with these kinds of hurdles on a weekly basis admirable. If you work a 9 to 5 job and you still have time to train and get outside—that’s send goals right there. Every weekend climber I know has an extremely high level of dedication and passion for their sport. In fact, most weekend climbers I know from back home on the east coast work intense full-time jobs AND are in the midst of raising a family. I can’t even wrap my mind around doing both and climbing at the level that I want to. It’s impressive, to say the least.

Just about every weekend climber I know pushes harder, travels longer distances, and is dedicated to the hustle that it takes to claim those two days as their own. The way of the weekend warrior is definitively a lifestyle, just as much as dirtbagging can be. Only, sometimes we forget to look at it this way. In general, exhibiting a weekend warrior attitude calls for more moxie, grit, and hustle than your every day, weekday climber because it isn’t always just there for the taking; you have to show that you want it.

So, here’s a toast to all of those outdoors women and men who invoke the weekend warrior attitude every day–both in their careers and in the outdoors. You know that, regardless of job status, every person strives for the balance between both of these worlds. You know that finding it doesn’t magically happen. You know that accomplishing goals doesn’t magically happen. You know that if you have to attend your kid’s soccer game on Saturday and you miss a few pitches in the Gunks that weekend, you don’t automatically lose your “outdoor” card. You try twice as hard to send your route, because you know you might not be back next week so, you live in the present. You’ve always got your game face. You’re always prepared. You’re a motherfuckin’ warrior, after.

Photograph courtesy of Benny Haddad & Deuter.

3 thoughts

  1. Hell yeah Kathy! Right on with this! I try to make every weekend count myself…sometimes it’s a complete fail but I still try regardless. Juggling 3 kids, jobs and life is tough but completely rewarding when I get those special moments outdoors!

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