I think it’s safe to say that not all gear is made of the same quality, and that definitely holds true for rope bags! Oh, the trusty rope bag. It can be the quintessential piece of climbing equipment that you’re missing on all of your cragging days. And so, long gone are my days of using IKEA blue bags (although, for you dirtbags out there, it can still work in a pinch!) The Deuter Gravity series focuses on being minimalistic but functional. The entire line is designed to be light enough for alpine endeavors but also, with durability in mind.

image2 (3)

The Deuter Gravity Rope Bag is made of a tough high density, macro-lite 420 denier polyamide that features high abrasion resistance, due to its tight weave, as well as being coated with a polyurethane compound for weather resistance. No matter the weather, this bag’s contents (be it a rope or snacks, or both) will stay safe and dry inside. This kind of quality of fabric is often used for guide packs.

The Gravity Rope Bag will also comfortably carry your rope to its destination. The bag is a navy/granite (blue/gray) with long, brightly colored adjustable straps that make it comfortable when hauling around. The shoulder loops don’t dig into your skin, which is a huge deciding factor for me. It will hold a rope up to 80 meters, no problem. (Siurana, here you come!)


Included inside is the Deuter Rope Sheet, which weighs only 11 ounces. The Rope Sheet can be used separately from the bag and is not connected to it, which is practical and convenient. Say goodbye to tangled up ropes and sighs of frustration with these color-coded corners (to indicate the orientation of your rope stack). Purchased separately, the retail price for the Rope Sheet is $35. The bag itself (with the sheet included) clocks in at 1 pound, 6 ounces and retails for $60.

The Deuter Gravity Rope Bag and Rope Sheet will keep your rope safe, help keep YOU organized, and are must-have additions to your climbing gear, with their incredibly durable and well thought out design.

The Deuter Gravity Rope Bag retails for $60, and the Deuter Rope Sheet retails for $35.n You can purchase your own Gravity Rope Bag here.

Disclosure: I am currently an ambassador for Deuter and the gear has been provided for this review. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

All photographs courtesy of Deuter.

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