I am currently partnered with companies that align their beliefs with the message I am dedicated to delivering: do what you love, with love. I believe in working with companies that strengthen the brand, simply by being you.

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4 thoughts

  1. Really enjoyed reading your “The day I quit rock climbing” post. I am finding myself in a similar situation after 17 years of climbing. A lot of things have changed recently and I feel a pull in a different direction, even though that direction is far from from being clear. Interestingly, I googled “why should I quit rock climbing” and yours was the #1 hit. It also was most prevalent to my feelings. Somehow, I think, if I leave climbing, I will find my way back to it…maybe… Hope all is well in your world!

  2. Liked the writing on being a woman who climbs in what she likes to wear. Yep, our culture has become one big “slut shame,” and as a woman of 65 it makes me crazy angry. I’m sick of it and I am urging younger women to push back. Don’t like the comments? Say so! Put people in their place. Never mind thinking it over–it’s perfectly fine to talk back, push back and take a stand. Recently, the U.N. appointed a group of women from outside the U.S. to look at the rights, choices and lives of American women. What did they find? American women are at the BOTTOM of the list of rights, the BOTTOM of economics, the BOTTOM of healthcare. Sadly, the U.N. group also pointed out that we seem to not know this or even care very much. It’s wake-up time, ladies!! In sport, the arts, our communities. When women come together it is wonderful; time for climbing women to get together over the slut shame that permeates your beloved climbing world. Love and respect from Cookie S.

  3. It seems strange to me that we’re living in a new Victorian Age where people feel the need to shame others for the clothes they wear. What’s next? Declaring that some words or opinions are not fit “for a woman’s ears?” ha ha What is even stranger to my wife and I (we’re 58 & 60) is that the puritans are 20 somethings, not the people in our age group.

    Keep up the writing. I enjoy it very much.


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