My name is Kathy and I’m a rock climber from Brooklyn, NY. I began climbing in the Gunks and since my first gear placement, I have never looked back. I have only looked to what lies next on the horizon—and it’s pretty damn exciting. My love of rock and ice has been a life changing experience.

A few years ago, I started a blog to let my mom know that I was alive and I hit the road for twelve months. I nested in Colorado with future goals of big wall, aid soloing, and exploring the alpine world. Between baking and loving on dogs, I’m desperately trying not to kill the last few living basil plants in my apartment.

Photograph by Tim Foote

For the Love of Climbing goes beyond ticking off climbs to bring the focal point back to the climbing lifestyle (the love of it, the heartbreak, the failures, sends, and everything in between). The life surrounding the outdoor lifestyle resonates with everybody—whether you call home a campsite, your car, or NYC apartment, there are similar questions we are all asking ourselves.

Climbing has brought me closer to more successes and failures than anything else in my life. It’s a life journey that forever tests the limits of possibility.

If you see me, say hi! Reeses peaces.

7 thoughts

  1. I love reading your thoughts! You inspire me with how you live your life. Living in a sense of unsurity of what the future holds is how I’m beginning to believe how we were meant to live on this earth; not to have life figure out and to kno exactly what the next day holds!

    Keep on keepin on! I love seeing your climbing snap shots they grow my own love for climbing!

    Jody Lisenby

  2. that was a great read, thanks for sharing all those thoughts and emotions…. some of it hits home (except that part about living I a car – LOL). Full steam ahead with gumption, ambition and not settling for a low hanging fruit. Dan

  3. Kathy you rock, period. You’re enthusiasm for pursuing vertical adventures and your ability to instill that joy in others is a true gift. Thank you for sharing.

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